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Coffee Cup

that looks Fantastic & designed to keep your coffee Hotter & is 100% Recyclable

Pizza Box

with Patented Grid to prevent your pizza going soggy & is 100% Recyclable

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To-Go Container

with Patented Metallic Gold Lining to keep your food Hotter, leak-proof & is 100% Recyclable


Alan Jorgensen FOUNDER

Kristina Kardashian DESIGNER

VP of Marketing

2017-2019 — Our Founder first started developing a VIP silver lined pizza box given the massive 20 Billion PA Global market and yet the best they could do was offer the old brown oily pizza box. He started production with China's largest silver packaging Co. which was NASDAQ Listed, but still unable to produce the "Holy Grail" that he was seeking, being a silver lined, 100% Recyclable Pizza box.

2020 — Our Founder not giving up, discovered a new unique metallizing process that was 100% Recyclable given the ultra thin lining. With the corrugated cardboard being replaced with a 3-layer laminated paper it was able to be embossed to create our Founder’s desired “Belgium Waffle” 3D grid to lift the pizza above the oil. Bingo! The perfect Pizza Box was born, 100 miles better than anything else on the market, which was patented in 2020. By replacing the expensive corrugated structure, then this pizza box could now be made in a small 15.000 sq ft factory in any city in the world.

2021-2022 — Kardashian GND Inc. was incorporated in May 2021 in Georgia, USA, where we added coffee cups and To-Go containers to our patented product range. To take advantage of the economies of scale, we decided to duplicate our indian manufacture’s factory 5 times and create a Kardashian GND factory in not only Atlanta, but also New York, Chicago, LA and Houston to create a national franchise network that was on the way to becoming America’s number #1 choice in 100% recyclable fast food packaging.

2023-Beyond — Kardashian GND Inc. will continue to set up such factories in major capital cities around the world, given every country loves their pizza and coffee, especially now post-COVID, where people have got used to home delivery by Doordash, UberEats and GrubHub etc., but now command their home delivery to be hot. This is where Kardashian’s unique metallic lined products will really excel, especially given the world’s demand for 100% recyclability.


Kardashian GND Inc is initially planning on setting-up small franchised factories across America in its 5 biggest cities. It will retain a 90% share with the other 10% being sold via crowd funding to Wefunder investors to raise the $5M set-up cost of those 5 KGND Franchises, cloned from our current highly successful, publicly Listed Indian company. The specialized equipment for each factory costs just $600K with $400K for working capital.


Initially 5 of these small factories will be set up in the USA, with the first being in Atlanta, which is expected to employ 15 people to operate the equipment that will laminate the already imported metallic gold coated paper, print our designs, emboss the grid and die-cut into pizza boxes, coffee cups and To-Go containers, pack and send to the customers.

Kardashian’s patented design enables about 500.000 items per day to be made per factory, with an average profit of 5c each, resulting in a perfect candidate for a future NASDAQ Listing.

Los Angeles
New York


After replicating our business model throughout USA with 50 small factories, we will continue on in 100 other major cities around the world. Because of the huge global demand for pizza boxes and coffee cups in every country, then this global network will give Kardashian the opportunity to gain a sizable share of this market.


Kardashian GND Inc is acutely aware that the little Kids of today will be running the world by the time the Glasgow promises made for Carbon Neutrality are called to account in 2050. Therefore, in the pursuit of leading the world in 100% Recyclable food packaging, it sees the merit in trying to encourage the millions of kids in America to get involved in its reforestation program, thereby raising well balanced American Kids. After all, they are the ones left to navigate the green, unchartered waters that lay ahead.

To that end, we have incorporated Kids Kardashian Green New Deal Inc, which is a new movement that will attempt to harness the power of America’s 50 million kids, given the task to grow 100 million fruit trees in the USA before 2050.

“GROW A FRUIT TREE” is Kids KGND’s slogan and is what our “Green New Deal” is all about.

To kickstart this “Grow a Fruit Tree” movement, Kids KGND will own a 20% share of its parent KGND Inc so will Chanel 20% of its global profits each year to Kids KGND Inc, for its role in acting as our National Ambassador for our 100% Recyclable food packaging Group. This 20% distribution will enable Kids KGND to offer Free, 100 shares in KKGND Inc, to 1 million USA kids each year, provided they pledge to Grow a Fruit Tree. Depending in which State the kid lives in, will determine whether that fruit tree be an Apple, Orange or Mango tree etc.

Kids KGND Inc is a very unique USA Corporation as it is owned 51% by Kids and so controlled just by Kids ie. under age 18 at time of becoming a KKGND stockholder, with only 1 exception; that KGND Inc owns the other 49% and where it's management team will take care of the Kids KGND administration functions. Share Dividends will be paid annually along with 33% of its profits being allocated to Green causes like paying kids in 3rd world countries to clean up the rivers and beaches of polluting plastics.

The Kids, just like the adults, will enjoy watching their stock value rise and fall daily. Their parents and relatives can make the decision for their child until age 18, to buy and sell additional shares to create an expanding share portfolio for their child. Maybe instead of a buying a T-shirt for a birthday gift etc? This is truly a growing asset that the child can tap into at age 18 to perhaps buy a car or pay for tertiary schooling etc. This is sure to create a healthy interest for the child, instead of playing computer games and coming under the unhealthy spell of Facebook etc.

Finally, it is hoped that once the child’s tree bears fruit, then there will be a lot of trading between like minded kids for their fruit, or indeed with neighbours and their local fruit shop.

Such exposure to “Grow a Fruit Tree” as a kid, and the culture surrounding it, is sure to build a stronger and wiser adult character to better deal with Climate Change and the 2050 Carbon Neutral commitments made in Glasgow 2021.

Watch this space, as this unique movement gathers momentum in America and beyond.

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